January 26th 2014

Dear Mr. Kovalev and Friends Foundation for Children,

I would like to thank you for the magnificent week that I spent at the summer camp this year. This camp changed my life. I never imagined that here could be so many kids of my age that have suffered from a heart disease like myself. Before I went to camp, I felt different from the others at my school and I wasn’t comfortable being in a bathing suit in front my friends. But at camp, all the kids in my group told me about their life threatening stories and I realized that my story wasn’t the worst out of all of them. I am also glad that I only got operated once. We shouldn’t complain about the little injuries that we have, because there are people that are in much worst situations than us. I’m no longer shy to be in a bathing suit in front of my friends and I appreciate that I could be part of the volley-ball team at my school (because my doctor told me that I couldn’t do any extreme sports like volley-ball). I also loved the camp, because of the fun activities! I would also like to thank Alex Kovalev for being there with us, because I know that he probably has a busy schedule. I know that he wasn’t obligated to create this foundation and come to the summer camp to play with the kids, so I appreciate it a lot. He made so many kids, including me, smile and laugh so much!

Thank you so much Mr. Kovalev and Friends Foundation for Children,